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Businesses have ambitious data centre plans but lack strategy

¬†UK and European businesses are looking to use outsourced data centres and cloud services in the short term, while planning longer term to build their own in-house data centre facilities to deal with growing data volumes, findings from Oracle’s Next Generation Data Centre Index study showed.

This “buy” capacity for now and “build” capacity for later policy may be a quick-fix response to address Big Data challenges but this strategy could fall short in the light of other findings of the study.

For one, the study showed that virtualisation of IT hardware in the data centre is patchy where only 12% of respondents said they have virtualised more than 70% of their IT estate. 38% admitted to have virtualised less than 30%. This lack of virtualisation and server consolidation could lead to data centre inefficiencies as well as under-utilisation of IT systems and will not help businesses reap all the benefits of virtualisation.

Another finding was that more than a third (36%) of data centre managers do not have visibility of energy usage, with 10% of respondents doubting that anyone else sees a copy of the bill for data centre energy usage. Amid stricter carbon emissions regulations in the EU, an organisation that does not have a good grip of its data centre’s power usage will risk facing hefty penalties or will find its cooling costs spiralling out of control.

Another worrying finding from the study was that 39% professionals said they second-guess future workload requirements. If data centre managers are not aware of their potential workload, scaling a data centre and making it future-proof will not be possible.

In addition to these issues, experts added that many organisations do not have a clear exit strategy in terms of using cloud services.

All these above factors combined will limit UK and European enterprises’ ambitious data centre plans and may restrict them from evolving their data centre into a private cloud.

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